Why You Should Rent?

Let's face it, driving yourself or your family on long road trips can be tedious and boring. Driving to dates or dances can get old when you continue the same patterns every single time you go out. Why not liven things up a bit by adding a new part to the routine. You can surprise your wife by renting a limo for your next "date night" or even watch your family smile with glee when they see a huge charter bus pull up for the next family vacation. There are so many reasons to rent that you would be silly not to consider the option.

Renting a bus or limo is much cheaper than you would normally think. You can often get them for a few hundred dollars per day and you have the satisfaction of not having to pay for gas or do your own driving. You can sit and talk rather than focus on the road, which means you can get that extra chance at intimacy that you've always been after. You can also sit back and relax with a few drinks, since most of these companies allow alcohol on road trips. Don't risk drinking and driving, it isn't worth the risk!

Having a bus means you don't have to stop for potty breaks and you can sleep at your discretion as the driver worries about getting you where you need to go. If the journey is long, you can sleep during the night rather than have to stop for a hotel. Sit with your kids or friends and catch up on old times or better yet watch a movie together on the TV screens. If you want to get the bus or limo bumping, you can put on some tunes and get the dance vibe going on. The social scene is much better on a bus or limo than in a 2 door vehicle!

You can also actually enjoy the scenery as you move down the road. All too often, road trips become a monotonous and dull journey of black roads and grey skies. Renting a bus or limo can change it up for the better. You also have the chance to impress people when you show up in style, rather than your old beat up car or truck. Just imagine showing up to the next office party in a limo! You can imagine the heads spinning just trying to figure out what happened to you, as you become the life of the party.

Renting a bus or limo doesn't have to be expensive and can actually be cost effective if you share the bill with others, make sure you get insurance though, as it's not easy driving one when you're not used to it! Don't miss the chance to impress or create lasting memories by ditching the dull road trip and trying something new. There is no end to what you can use a bus or limo for and many people simply forget that it is an option. Now you no longer have that excuse! So get out and enjoy yourself by renting a limo or bus the next time you travel.

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